K(NO)W Beyond

Because when you K(NO)W, you NO. 

Here at Well Beyond Academics, we believe that knowledge is power. We know that the choice to use substances is influenced by developmental factors, psychology, cognitive abilities, social influences, marketing, misinformation, and genetic predispositions. With a lens on the risk and protective factors that impact the initiation and early stages of substance use, K(NO)W Beyond is based in scientific research of the adolescent brain and body. Unlike many programs that have come before, Well Beyond Academics is not in the business of instilling fear in our students. We are in the business of educating and empowering youth. Because when you know, you no.

What Makes Us Different

  • Supporting 6th-9th grade youth
  • Age appropriate and grade specific with each year building upon the previous
  • Parent involvement through parent/caregiver education and parent/caregiver + children events
  • Focus on drug resistance skills, self-regulation and social skills, and challenging widely held inaccurate beliefs about the incidence of adolescent substance use
  • Mental-health informed education

School-Based Programming and Customizable Community Based  Workshops Available